BOOST Beats Beet

I wanted to post a few photos showing the difference between salt treated with BOOST with Calcium Chloride, salt treated with GeoMelt and plain rock salt. These test were done outdoors, 14 degrees, in the shade. Photo’s were taken after 1 hour from time of material application.

The photo’s show that CaCl2 w/BOOST clearly out performs untreated salt. This was to be expected. However the salt treated with “GeoMelt” hasn’t begun to melt. This validates the point, Beet juice may have a low freeze point, but that differs greatly from a low melting point. When evaluating Anti-icing / De-Icing liquids, the focus should be on the active ingredient. Dilution of the Solution (DOS) is the key. The higher the chloride content, the higher the “eutectic” temperature, or the lower the refreeze point, which creates the “residual effect” on the road.

Untreated Salt

Salt Treated With GeoMelt

Salt treated with BOOST

BOOST on left – Beet on right!

When selecting your winter deicing liquids, be sure to look for the “Best Buy” or best value. A good value isn’t always the lowest price. Consider savings of  labor, equipment, fuel and reduced material applied to remove the snow and ice.

BOOST your savings during winter operations. Use a PNS approved, proven cost saving liquid for your winter operation.


About Dave Budd

Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. Serving Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Retired Michigan DOT, October 2010 after 32 years experience in Maintenance/Operations. Specializing in winter operations and liquid de-icers and anti-icers.
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