What Effect Does Mixing Beet Juice w/Brine Have?

The place to find out what products work and what is in it – The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS)


Brine maker

As shown in the PNS Experimental Category – Approved Liquid Corrosion Inhibited Products, Beet Juice, one example (GeoMelt S) mixed at the recommended rate of 25% to a 23% sodium chloride brine, would in effect, dilute the effective percentage of brine to 15%. At the 15%, it is only effective to 22 degrees, when you follow the accepted phase diagrams for salt brine. Untreated rock salt works to 6 degrees. Dilution then makes your brine less effective. I would advise anyone looking to mix Beet Juice with their brine to review the PNS, Qualified Products List. You will find that the Beet Juice Product is only listed in the Experimental Category. This does not mean they will automatically be placed on the QPL or Qualified Product List. There is also a note explaining the dilution factor of these types of products. Calcium Chloride w/BOOST* has been on the QPL for more then six years, with an Freeze Point Depression rating of -60 F. If you are looking to an effective additive to help adhere brine to the road way, increase residual effect and add melting capacity to your brine, Consider BOOST*. For a excellent stand alone anti-ice and pre-wet product that can be applied at up to half the rate of brine. Calcium Chloride w/BOOST* is the deicer for your operation.

The PNS group is noted as being the Better Business Bureau of Liquid DeIcers, check out their website at the link above.


About Dave Budd

Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. Serving Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Retired Michigan DOT, October 2010 after 32 years experience in Maintenance/Operations. Specializing in winter operations and liquid de-icers and anti-icers.
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3 Responses to What Effect Does Mixing Beet Juice w/Brine Have?

  1. The calcium producer’s are afraid of the beet juice geomelt and other non chloride ice melts and they should be it works better its organic and why do u want that toxic chloride calcuim where your dogs and pets walk and play

  2. As to your theory of mixing the geomelt ,beet juice blend will bring the 23.5% salt brine down to 15% is not true in fact because the geomelt is over 50% specific gravity when you are donre mixing the brine with the geomelt it ends up close to 28% up from the 23.5% regular salt brine has

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