Can I Use BOOST With Salt Brine?

We have had this question numerous times from Customers. The answer is simple, YES!!

Salt brine works faster, colder and has the added benefit of the BOOST* organic additive that ads the residual, helping to keep the salt on the pavement to help when the next storm hits.

We have found that a 80/20 blend, Brine to Boost works exceptionally well for anti-icing and pre-wetting applications down to near zero temps. When temps get in the sub-zero range, you will be time and money ahead to use the Boost product straight. It is much more effective then trying to add to the Brine/Boost mixture. This will cut done on man hours and equipment time when trying to remove pack ice in extremely cold temps.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind when mixing Brine and Boost:

Salt brine eutectic 23.3% @ 59° F

Salt brine specific gravity at 23.3% 59°F 1.179

Salt brine specific gravity at 23% 59°F – Mixed w/20% BOOST 1.279

Pounds of salt per gallon of brine 2.28 lbs @ 23.3% 59°F

You must use a hydrometer to measure the combined product. A salinometer (can go by several different names) won’t measure correctly with combined chlorides.

When mixing 80/20 blend, remember that to make 1,000 gallons, you can’t just mix up 1,000 gallons and add 200 gallons of Boost. To make a 80% – 20% mixture, you need to make 800 gallons of brine and add 200 gallons of Boost.

The second thing is that Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride will take a bit to combine and give you a correct reading. I suggest you wait at least a couple of hours before taking your first reading. Realistically, if the brine is mixed to 23% and you add the Boost at the correct proportions, one or two sampling’s will show you have a correctly blended product.

Good luck. Let us know how Boost works for you! Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


About Dave Budd

Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. Serving Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Retired Michigan DOT, October 2010 after 32 years experience in Maintenance/Operations. Specializing in winter operations and liquid de-icers and anti-icers.
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