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Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. Serving Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Retired Michigan DOT, October 2010 after 32 years experience in Maintenance/Operations. Specializing in winter operations and liquid de-icers and anti-icers.

Do you get what your paying for? Repost

It seems important enough to Post again!! It occurs to me that most County Road Commissions and their Townships are purchasing Dust Control on good faith. In my experience at MDOT, no materials, services or parts were purchased without a … Continue reading

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This Early Sign of Road Failure is a Threat to Driving Safety, Public Health and the Environment


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Is it Really That Good?

Every now and then we are approached with claims of how a product of all products, will solve all or our problems! It can be the latest cell phone, new car or any number of snake oils. I have talked … Continue reading

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Response to Recent Comments.

I truly appreciate comments from folks that take the time to read my post. I had a couple of comments recently from David S., regarding the Mixing of Calcium Chloride w/BOOST and salt brine. David questions the fact that Beet … Continue reading

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Gathering Deicing Information by Storm Event!

I have been asked numerous times why a product or a deicing method didn’t work during the last storm, It worked before?? There are lot’s of reasons. What was the temp, surface or air? What was the application rate? Was … Continue reading

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Time to look back.

Well here we are in the New Year, winter’s a little different this season, as compared to the past couple of years. Much milder in Michigan, that’s for sure. Since I’ve had some time to set back, take a breath … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Deicer, A Better Alternative.

Most of the de-icers we use on roads and sidewalks are simply salt—common, everyday Rock Salt. Sounds innocent enough, right? But when salt mixes with snow and melts into the soil, the salt begins its dirty work underground, preventing water and … Continue reading

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