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This Early Sign of Road Failure is a Threat to Driving Safety, Public Health and the Environment

Dust_Control_White_Paper Advertisements

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Is it Really That Good?

Every now and then we are approached with claims of how a product of all products, will solve all or our problems! It can be the latest cell phone, new car or any number of snake oils. I have talked … Continue reading

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How One Township is Maintaining Their Roads!

This is from an article in the “Daily Press & Argus ” “In Livingston County Michigan, Iosco Township Clerk Dan Delmerico said there are no potholes in his municipality. That wouldn’t be the case, however, had voters not renewed a … Continue reading

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Kalamazoo County Full Depth Reclamation Project. Revisited

I wanted to do a Follow up of the FDR/Crush & Shape Project that was done in Kalamazoo County in June, 2012. The video link of the project is below. I also wanted to attach photo’s of how well the … Continue reading

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Your Invited!

Wednesday, May 16th. Kalamazoo County Road Commission, J.L Milling Company and Great Lakes Chloride, Inc. will partner to demonstrate the benefits of Calcium Chloride in the base stabilization process. We are holding a “Lunch & Learn” to see the process of injecting Calcium @ the … Continue reading

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Dust Control – What Are You Buying Exactly?

It occurs to me that most County Road Commissions and their Townships are purchasing Dust Control on good faith. In my experience at MDOT, no materials, services or parts were purchased without a written specification in place at the time … Continue reading

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Why is Dust Control Important ?

That was then. This is Now. Road officials must contend with higher maintenance costs because a dusty road is a deteriorating road. Once the fine material is lost, the load-bearing aggregate will soon follow. Loss of fines and aggregate results … Continue reading

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