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Gathering Deicing Information by Storm Event!

I have been asked numerous times why a product or a deicing method didn’t work during the last storm, It worked before?? There are lot’s of reasons. What was the temp, surface or air? What was the application rate? Was … Continue reading

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Time to look back.

Well here we are in the New Year, winter’s a little different this season, as compared to the past couple of years. Much milder in Michigan, that’s for sure. Since I’ve had some time to set back, take a breath … Continue reading

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Wing Plow Training!

Please see link for Michigan DOT wing plow training video. I thought it was very well done and has some good refresher points for drivers. Good luck and be safe out there.

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Transport Topics Article –

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Wing Plow Operational Guidelines / Based on Washington DOT Guidance Document.

Pre-Operational Check List: Inspect components for the following: Plow and plow frames for cracks, broken welds or loose bolts. Safety chains and cutting edges for wear and general condition. Plow pins for washers and cotter pins. Hydraulic lines, fittings and … Continue reading

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Underbody Scraper Versus Front Mounted Plow

I wanted to post an article Mark Lester had put on his Blog. Great information and a good read. Mark and I worked on many “new” equipment innovations and methods over the years @ Michigan DOT. He had some great … Continue reading

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